Top 73 FL Studio Sample Packs

Top 73 FL Studio Sample Packs (2018)

The results are in, If you are looking for the best Hip Hop Samples for your music productions – these samples are for any serious producer. Here are the Top 73 FL Studio Sample Packs of 2018!

Download them in one bundle or pick the ones you want.

While this site and this blog post focus is on FL Sample Packs and FL Studio Tutorials these samples are compatible with most DAW’s and some have Kontact Instruments and Machine Kits as well.


Top 73 FL Studio Sample Packs

There are so many samples and sample packs in this collection, You can get them separately or in one large bundle. The Music Business Mastery Program is also included with the bundle.

These are in no particular order. Smaller bundles are also available.

1. Hot Sauce: The 808 Pack

30 of the finest 808 bass sounds that are perfectly pitched across your keys. Wav + Kontact instrument. Download info.

2. The Codeine Drum Kit 

Make Trippy, “Drugged Out” Beats Using These Crazy Trap Samples, Pre Mixed So You Can Make Better Beats, Fast! Download info.

3. Lost Tapes Vol 3: Gold Soul Samples

Golden Soul brings you another delicious collection of 70’s soul, Motown, and rare groove samples, strictly for the sample heads who are still searching for those deep classic sounds to sample from – without needing to clear samples and worry about getting your ass sued! Download info.

4. Cassette Samples Vol 2 by Turkman Souljah

Fresh out of Souljah’s Lab and gives you that essential pro producer sound you need to make quality hip-hop anthems. Download info.

This sample pack is 100% all new material and handmade from scratch by Turkman Souljah using his vast collection of analog synths, tape machines, vintage mixers, outboard compressors and more. Giving you classic, usable sounds – your new beats will blast until the neighbors call the cops. Download info.

5. The Customs Toolbox

The Customs Toolbox is designed for INNOVATION. This colossal 2GB release brings you 8 Construction Kits, 6 LGND Song Starters (a completely new LGND innovation designed to give you back the freedom create and spark your creativity), 50 MIDI loops and files, 60 One-Shots (Drums, Pianos, Brass, Leads, Plucks) along with 11 Custom Live Drum Groove Loops – this pack is rammed full of juicy audio content ready for you to get seriously inspired. Download info.

6. Cassette Samples by Turkman Souljah

Packed with gorgeous, unique samples – there is absolutely no filler, just 100% amazing samples from Turkman Souljah’s personal collection. All samples have been recorded on vintage mixers and processed with high-end outboard compressors etc where needed to give an unmistakable warm, crunchy and analog flavor. Download info.

7. Sounds From The 6 Producer Bundle

If you want to lock down the Toronto / OVO Style Sound – then this is a MUST HAVE product for your production arsenal. Easily & quickly make beats in the style of Drake, Future, The Weeknd, Metro Boomin with this bundle. Download info.

LGND_Intermission_grande8. LGND: Intermission

The loops and samples in this pack are sure fire “song starter” material. The perfect antidote to “musicians block” – race through these inspirational loops and find something you like. Sample, chop edit and build your next track upon these awesome foundations. From modern hip hop, trap, pop, RnB – this pack is useful in bringing you a creative, modern vibe to your productions. Download info.


Easily sound like a pro – PITCH PLEASE! is JAM PACKED with unique, modern trap and hip hop sounds, in the style of Travi$ Scott, Future, Metro Boomin, A$AP Mob, Big Sean & more. Download info.

10. “The 6ix” Drum Kit

From Deep 808 basses, sharp clean snares, crisp hi-hats, and pounding kicks, this kit is all you need to get the certified “OVO style” sound. We also threw in some unique percussion hits, snaps & sticks, stomps & other effects to keep your beats FRESH and UNIQUE.

Download All 73 Sample Packs Or Get Them Separately!

11. Night At The Drum Shop

Night At The Drum Shop was created for producers who are sick and tired of boring drum sounds – producers who DEMAND something original.

You demanded unique, fresh one-shot drum samples, we delivered.

Prepare for some SERIOUS inspiration.

Night At the Drum Shop

Throw these samples into a hip hop banger, a slow jam, a pop hit – you name it. These samples are just SO versatile. Your creativity will always be flowing when you use this kit. Download info.

12. God Producer Bundle

Filled with over 2GB of OVO inspired sounds. Influences for this product include OVO’s very own Drake & The Weekend, Future, P Reign, Niki Minaj, Lil Wayne and many more. Filled with some of the hardest HD sounds to help inspire some certified bangers. Download info.

13. Lost Tapes Vol 2: Soul Samples

Lost Tapes Vol 2: Soul was created for the sample based producer, DJ, and beatmaker who wants original music to chop, flip, and arrange into headbanging beats without the hassle of digging through endless stacks of vinyl or worrying about sample clearance issues. Download info.

“It’s all about samples that give you the authentic sound of 60s and 70s soul to sample and chop up.”
– Mike,

14. Junkyard Trap Drum Kit

If you’re looking for energetic & hard-hitting drum sounds that are authentic & innovative at the same time this kit is for you! This kit features some of the most intense snares and loops you’ve ever heard!

We’ve melt together crisp 808 sounds with rare and truly unique recordings from the junkyard! From brutal Metal hits and hard hitting, pipe stomps to ear-shattering crowbar smashes, this kit is something truly innovative and 100% unique. You won’t find ANY of these sounds somewhere else! – Julez Jadon – Sound Designer & Junkyard Trap Creator. Download info.

15. Artsy Trap Drum Kit

  • Powerful trap drums, fused with unique and rare recordings
  • 109 sounds divided into 7 folders (808, Claps & Snaps, Hats & Cymbals, Kicks, Percs & Loops, SFX and Snares)
  • One of the most creative kits you’ve ever heard
  • You’ll have HOURS of fun making music with this kit – instant inspiration from the start. 

Download info.

16. Lost Tapes Vol 1: Soul

These samples are composed from scratch, royalty free for you to use in your music – 100% free of copyright issues. A godsend for the sample based composer. Download info.

Rare vintage gear (guitar, rhodes, bass etc) alongside vintage tape simulation techniques to emulate real vintage records. These samples were created using extreme attention to detail specifically with the beatmaker and producer in mind. Download info.

“It’s all about samples that give you the authentic sound of 60s and 70s soul to sample and chop up.”
– Mike,

17. DopeKeyz

You can use DopeKeyz to make gorgeous sounding piano based tracks. It’s easy and fast – and you don’t need to know how to play… Download info.

18. Ski Beatz Limited Edition Drum Module

Deep, pounding kicks. Warm, gritty snares. Crispy hi-hats. Real raw, old school hip hop drums.

Download All 73 Sample Packs Or Get Them Separately!

19. Piano Sessions Bundle

Played and recorded by classical pianist Sebastian G (classical soundtrack composer) This is the closest you can get to a real classical pianist playing in your music 🙂 Download info.

These Piano Loops + Your Talent = Magic!

  • Over 80 full loops (231 files in total, over 500MB of content)
  • Organised into folders (Basic, Advanced, Complex, Left Hand Movements, Instant Inspiration etc)
  • HQ 24 bit WAV. format (MIDI files also included)
  • Each loop comes in two flavours – Dry and with reverb.
  • 100% Royalty Free – ideal for commercial use.
  • Works in ALL DAW’s, software and hardware

20. Foundations Loopkit

Get inspired today. In less than 2 minutes from now, you can be digging through a goldmine of premium grade loop content, all exclusive and handcrafted by Sean Divine. Download info.

These loops will whip you up into a creative frenzy, and you’ll be locked ‘in the zone’ for hours, making great music – what could be better?

“Foundations offers inspiring new content for producers, songwriters and artists alike. This kit contains over 500MB of royalty free loops organized into 7 Construction Kits. Essentially, you’re receiving all the building blocks from never before released instrumentals so that you can arrange, sample or produce your own tracks.

Also included is the “Starter Loops” folder which contains original chord progressions and melodic ideas to get your writing or producing started quickly.

All loops are perfectly aligned, tempo matched and mixed. Just drop them in to your DAW, sampler or drum machine and start making music!” -Producer and sound designer Sean Divine.

21. Reverse Engineer

Reverse Engineer brings you over 150 brand new one shot drums, 50 exclusive loops, 32 tuned 808s & 12 horn stabs – all handmade with care from major label producer Djay Cas (produced for Nipsey Hussle, Young Jeezy and more.) Download info.

22. 336 Drumkit Volume 2 By Sean Divine

I’ve been looking forward to the follow up to the excellent 336 kit for a while now (336 Volume 1 was named one of the top 10 kits of 2013 by maschine masters!)

Sean Divine has gone above and beyond on this sound kit. EVERY SINGLE sound in this kit is incredible. Absolutely no filler.

I assure you – this sample pack is addictive. From the moment you download 336 Volume 2 – you’ll be itching to make music. The hardest part will be your sound selections – because everything in here sounds so good!! Download info.

23. 808 Warfare

When working on a track using 808 Warfare – you can play out your bassline, then go back and click next to switch through the 808 patches until you find the perfect 808 for the track you are working on.

Each patch is pitched correctly to your keys. So if you hit C1 – you’ll get an 808 pitched perfectly to C. This means you can write a bassline, then go back and switch patches quickly to audition the best sounding 808 for your track!

Saves time, and makes your workflow so much faster. Download info.

24. Organic Drum Kit

Throw these samples into a hip hop banger, a slow jam, a pop hit – you name it. These samples are just SO versatile. Your creativity will always be flowing when you use this kit. Download info.

Included in the bundle is the Music Business Mastery Program

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