Royalty Free Sample Packs​​

Top Free Royalty Free Sample Packs​​ (2018)

We all Love Free and Royalty Free Sample Packs.

Here are Over 50 Cool Free Sample Packs For FL Studio, Logic Pro, Studio One, Cubase, Acid, Pro Tools, Garage Band and every other DAW that uses WAV files. There also some sound presets for Serum, NI Massive Patches, and a FL Studio Dubstep Project File.

These sounds are great for trap, hip hop, EDM, dubstep, drum and bass, IDM, glitch hop, moombahcore, aquacrunk, minimal, liquid trap, future beats and more.

Sample packs include everything from vocals, loops, drum hits, buildups and risers and more.

I will be adding to the list as I find the cool ones.

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Now on to the massive list of free samples

Free Sample Packs

Ghosthack’s Free Female Vocals

Are you looking for some decent female Vocal Samples for your Productions? Then don’t miss this free gem, featuring a total of 75 Royalty Free Vocal Samples.

These Vocals can really bring a nice Vibe into Your Productions, using vocals in electronic music is common for popular artists.

Expect 100MB of pure Royalty Free Female Vocals, the pack includes whole Phrases, One-Words, and some melodic Chants. Each sound is available as a dry, a wet and an FX Version.

The FX versions run through a special effect rack with some reverb, pitch, delay, dynamics, equalizer and vintage tape effects from companies like Native Instruments, Izotope, and u-He.

Free Female Vocals Download Info

More Free Vocals

30 royalty free female vocals from Ghosthack’s vocal artists. Phrases, one-words, chants, and cuts.

Expect 40 phrases, one-words, chants, and cuts from their professional vocal artists.

Includes a dry as well as a wet version. All files are royalty free and can be used for commercial projects.

More freebie vocals below!

Download Info For More Free Vocals

Abstract Percussion

This sample pack consists of 25 abstract percussion samples and 3 percussion loops. They are all recorded as 24bit .wav files, 140BPM. They could be used for dubstep, trap, drum, and bass, IDM, glitch hop, moombahcore, aquacrunk, minimal, liquid trap, future beats and many other kinds of electronic music genres. The one-shot samples are very useful for creating your own drum patterns.

Download Info

DubStep Vol 1 – 7

DubStep – Pack No. 1 – High-Quality Dubstep Sounds – Ghosthack’s first sample pack consisting of 100 dubstep samples. All sound files are royalty-free and could be used in commercial music productions. It has been downloaded over 200,000 times and still counting!

DubStep – Pack No. 2 – Another sample library with 100 .wav files. This one comes with 12 Basslines, 3 DnB Loops, 23 Pads, 11 Snares and Claps, 22 Drumloops and more stuff.

Trap and Dubstep – Pack No. 3 – This is the free preview version of Ghosthack’s professional Dubstep Starter Kit with 50 high quality .wav files. This sound pack includes Bassdrums, Basslines, Drumloops, FX Sounds, Glitches, Hihats, Pads and many more.

Free Dubstep and Trap Samples – Pack No. 4 – Ghosthack’s fourth free audio pack with 55 files. The files are recorded as 24bit .wav files, so they will work in all common DAWs like FL Studio, Ableton, Cubase and so on.

Free Dubstep Sample – Pack No. 5 – Awesome free dubstep sample package from 2016 featuring 79 one-shot sounds and loops.

Free Trap and Dubstep Samples – Pack No. 6 – 90 fresh sounds from Ghosthack’s latest sound design sessions. Lots of 808 sounds for trap producers, Massive and Serum Patches, Pads and Bass One-Shots!

Free Trap and Dubstep Samples – Pack No. 7 – Free Pack Number 7 features Bass One-Shots, Bassdrums, Basslines, Hihats, Lead Sounds, Claps, Snares, Percussions and some Vocal Sounds.

Free DubStep Samples Download Info

Ghost Hack’s Free Sample Pack Bundle

Summer is here, so Ghosthack’s bundled their best free sample packs into one huge sound library for you. This sound pack features a wide range of different audio files like female vocals, basslines, huge 808 Basses, atmospheric pads, lots of drum one-shots, clicks and cuts, hard kicks, vinyl crackle sounds and much more!

This is an outstanding free download with over 1,000 free samples, it has an unpacked size of 1.38 GB. All sounds are royalty free and can be used in every music software like FL Studio, Ableton, Cubase, Logic, Studio one and so on. They were recorded as 24bit high-quality WAV files.

This bundle is only available for a short period of time, so don’t wait and get your awesome copy for free!

Download Info

Neurostep – 80 Free Samples

Ghosthack proudly presents a fresh new free sample pack, “Neurostep” features 80 free 140bpm samples and loops inspired by the futuristic Neurofunk sound.

This is the perfect package for everyone looking for some deep Neuro flavor in his Dubstep, Trap, Riddim and Hybrid productions. We created 30 key-labeled heavy modulated neuro bass one-shots and loops, ready to drop in your projects or ready for even more modulation by your favorite effect plugins. “Neurostep” also includes some crispy drum tools like 10 processed drum loops, 7 huge bass drums, 9 hard hitting snares and 10 Hi-Hats.

For your track’s atmosphere, we created 10 really deep and long pads and 4 FX sounds. The whole package has an unpacked size of 164MB.

Neurostep Download Info

Free Taster Pack

This taster pack includes top-notch sounds and loops from soundbanks like Drum Hero 1 and 2, Abstract Drums, Hybrid Trap Essentials, Pads and FX, Dubstep Bass Arsenal and Downtempo Lounge.

All these packs are also part of  Ghosthack’s “Producers’ Master Bundle”, that has a total of 6,600 Samples!

This is a really good mix consisting of drum one-shots and loops, atmospheric pads, risers, sfx, heavy basslines, percussions and some lush melodic sounds.

All files are royalty free as usual, ideal for your productions in music, movies, media, and games.

Download Info

Bassline Pressure Light

Bassline Pressure’s Light version contains 10 awesome Bass Presets for the new fresh synthesizer Serum by Xfer and 10 Bass Patches for Native Instruments’ Massive. Furthermore, it includes 20 WAV Bassline One-Shots suitable for every music software.

Bassline Pressure Light Download Info

Free Serum Presets

Did you ever ask yourself how to build really massive Basslines in Serum like the Pros? Then check these 10 Free Bass Patches for this awesome Synthesizer with full Macro Control to customize and automize your sounds.

Learn some new tricks and secrets in the sound design of basslines for Serum.

These Presets are built for some heavy Dubstep, Riddim, Trap, Hybrid, Future House and EDM Productions. Innovative Sound Design is the key to Success for these genres.

Additionally, we also included 20 sick Wavetables that can be combined with these Presets or with your own ones.

Free Serum Presets Download Info

Dubstep Snares

This free sample pack contains 15 royalty free dubstep snares. These snare samples were recorded as 24bit high-quality WAV samples at a 140bpm tempo.

Most of these files have a typical dubstep reverb. The samples could also be used in other electronic genres besides dubstep like trap, future bass, glitch hop, IDM, Drum, and Bass or anything else. There are also some clap sounds in this sound kit.

Dubstep Snares Download Info

Free Tribal Loops

Free Tribal Loops

used some Tablas, Bongos, Shakers, Tambourines and other percussions to create some oriental style drum loops. They gave those loops a bit of reverb, good compression with Supercharger GT by Native Instruments or by iZotope’s Neutron, Saturation, and other fx to make them sound pretty authentic.

All loops have a tempo of 140bpm, the whole pack has a size of 11.3MB.

FL Studio Users may use the internal slicer plugin to recreate some new rhythms with these loops.

Free Tribal Loops Download Info

Free Vocal Kit – 30 Female Vocal Samples

Ghosthack recorded some small phrases like “Missing you” or “Do You Feel”, long chants, one-words, small slices, breath, put a lot of reverb, delay and other effects on them and now we could present you a decent free female vocal package with 30 ready-to-use sounds.

I think that stuff works very well with some Burial-like Future Garage, Future Bass, Chill Trap and other chillout and downtempo genres.

The whole package has an unpacked size of 48MB, all sounds are royalty free and 24bit high-quality wavs.

They used FL Studio, Native Instruments Komplete, iZotope Ozone7, MFM2 and other plugins to create this package. The tempo is mostly 140bpm/70bpm, but the one-words and slices should actually work in all tempos.

30 Female Vocal Samples Download Info

Free Spacy Pads

Ghosthack gives you 20 spacy pad samples in 24bit high-quality wav format, that could be used in any DAW and any Sampler. They recorded them in 140bpm with several tools from Image Line, Native Instruments, iZotope and other audio software companies. Most pads got a lot of reverb and delay to create some atmospheric soundscapes. The package has an unpacked size of 68,7MB.

Spacy Pads Download Info


  • Free Snare Pack – 45 Samples – 45 Dry and Wet Snare and Clap Samples suitable for Future Bass, Dubstep, Trap, Future House and other genres.
  • Free Hihat Pack – 22 Samples – 22 Royalty Free Hihat Samples with a more experimental sound, all processed and ready to use.
  • Hard Kicks – 30 Samples – 30 Hard Hardstyle and Hardcore like Kicks and bass drums.
  • Heavy 808 Basskicks – 20 Free 808 Heavy Basskicks: Equalized, compressed, pitched and distorted.
  • Vinyl Crackle Sounds – 13 Free Vinyl Crackle Sounds to create some special atmosphere in your mix.
  • Trip Hop Drum Loops – 16 Free Trip Hop Drum Loops with lots of deep vinyl crackle. 79BPM.
  • Cymbal FX – 15 Free Sounds – 15 Cymbal FX Sounds. Cymbals combined with Delay, Reverb, Flanger, Phaser, Compression, Equalizer and Glitch Effects.

Royalty Free Sample Packs Downloads

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More Sample Packs

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Do you know some cool free sample packs? list them below.

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